Comment choisir ses compléments alimentaires

How to choose your food supplements?

We talked about it in a previous article : taking food supplements, so popular today, is not just a fad, but meets a real need in terms of health and well-being. But in the world of supplementation as in any industry, the quality of manufacture and the ingredients play a vital role in the end result.

The question that arises when sourcing is: how to make the right choice?

What are the criteria for sorting out the good supplements from the bad?

In this article, we will try to provide you with the necessary elements to understand the composition of food supplements and make informed choices.

What are supplements made of?

How to select an add-in

In commerce, food supplements are mainly found in three forms: liquid, powder or tablets. In most cases, they consist of one or more active ingredients and should not contain anything else.

For example, Coxadol , our supplement to fight against osteoarthritis and osteo-articular inflammation and composed of the following elements:

  • 750 mg of Harpagophytum (plant) extract, containing 20% ​​of harpagoside (fundamental active ingredient). This gives a concentration of 150 mg of active ingredient.
  • Vitamin C as an antioxidant
  • Vegetable crystalline cellulose to stabilize the tablets

    The exact nature of the components of food supplements must always be clearly mentioned on the packaging or on the websites of the manufacturers or retailers. A composition that does not seem clear to you is a strong sign that the product in question should be avoided.

    Dietary Supplement vs Medication

    To begin with, it is important to distinguish between a dietary supplement and a drug. Indeed, it is not always so obvious. Medications and supplements are both the same and very different.

    Medicines are basically chemicals meant to treat a disease or imbalance, while supplements are just an extension of your diet, a response to necessary dietary needs.

    What is a drug?

    Medicines generally require specific research and laboratory tests to be marketed. Medicines, as foreign substances, can unbalance the body and/or the brain and are taken on prescription.

    What is a supplement?

    Dietary supplements, on the other hand, are part of your diet and provide the right vitamins and minerals to the body to help repair cells and ensure overall good health.

    food supplement or medicine

    Medicines and supplements are therefore different from each other and have distinct functions. However, this does not mean that the manufacture of supplements is not as “serious” as that of drugs, far from it. Standards are in force, and just like medicines, food supplements are manufactured in the laboratory under strict hygienic conditions.

    How are dietary supplements digested?

    It depends above all on the needs and the goal to be achieved. Tablets intended to act on the stomach will naturally dissolve before reaching the intestines. Other supplements, including those offered by ProFeel Life, are intended to act in the intestines. In this case, they are said to be gastro-resistant: they resist the acidic pH of the stomach and dissolve in the intestine.

    Moreover, in order to maximize the absorption of nutrients, it is advisable to take dietary supplements with food. Taking them with a meal can help you get the most from your supplement.

    Indications and contraindications

    Another important element, refer to the indications and especially the contraindications of the supplements. Indeed, natural does not necessarily mean harmless. If food supplements are beneficial in a lot of situations, there are certain active ingredients that are not suitable for certain conditions or diseases.

    This is particularly the case for pregnant people whose physiological changes due to pregnancy can limit the consumption of certain foods or vitamins. Finally, it goes without saying that if you are allergic to one or the other substance contained in a supplement, it is strongly recommended not to consume it.

    Choose a daily ally

    daily dietary supplement

    Food supplements are everyday allies. They can fix a one-time problem, or they can support healthy eating and regular physical activity to increase well-being and improve long-term life. Their natural origin means that the body does not seek to get rid of them, as is the case with certain drugs that damage the liver or the kidneys, but on the contrary assimilate perfectly into the body.



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