Deux Sources Collagène Suisse

Two sources of Swiss collagen

Thanks to products with a high collagen content, nothing could be easier today than to take advantage of the benefits of this essential protein for the body. Overview of two sources of Swiss collagen in order to make the best choice.

Five undeniable benefits of collagen

Collagen is essential for connective tissues, bones, joints and the intestine. Here are some virtues of this protein on the body of every human being.

It is good for the skin

Collagen Skin Benefits

The skin is an organ just like the liver, the lungs, the heart, etc. It participates in protection. In this sense, the skin protects the internal tissues from dehydration. This organ also protects the body against external aggressions. For example, it prevents bacteria from entering the body.

It is important to point out that collagen plays a key role in your skin. It is a structural protein of the skin. Collagen promotes supple and elastic skin. When the skin's natural collagen begins to harden between the ages of 25 and 30, the dermis begins to sag. Wrinkles also appear.

A supply of collagen is effective in the fierce fight against sagging skin and wrinkles. Collagen also helps curb the effects of dehydration. In addition, specialists rely on its power to regenerate the tissues of the epidermis.

For flawless hair

collagen hair benefits

What is a hair? To this question, the answer will be that it is a dense network of pigmented cells. The microscope also shows protein fibers that form the cortex. The protective layer of the latter is the cuticle.

Collagen is a molecule naturally present in the hair fiber. This protein gives the hair good density and elasticity . It also contributes to their shine.

Unfortunately, a loss of collagen leads to weak, damaged hair, hair loss, etc. Hence the importance of compensating for this loss of collagen in order to regain the beauty of your hair.

In this case, collagen supplementation is welcome. Thus, it will be effective in regrowing your hair. A collagen supplement strengthens the hair fibers . It will also nourish and build the hair.

In the anti-aging field, collagen is considered a molecule that enhances both hair and skin.

Collagen for healthy joints

You should know that collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It is also a main component of our joints. Without collagen, the joints become feverish. It therefore plays a major role in the joints.

It is thanks to this protein that the cartilages can better ensure their functioning. In fact, collagen makes up nearly 70% of the mass of cartilage. This is why good joint health depends on the level of collagen.

A regular intake of collagen contributes to the regeneration of articular tissues, especially in the case of osteoarthritis. This painful condition induces the destruction of cartilage. A supply of collagen helps reduce the symptoms of this degenerative disease. Collagen will improve joint mobility.

Collagen benefits bones and joints

Strong and strong bones with collagen

The bones form the skeleton. Collagen is naturally found in bones. However, its production will decrease in the body as we age. This is going to have a negative impact on bone and joint health. In fact, collagen plays a key role in it. It promotes the fixation of calcium and phosphorus. While these minerals are essential for strong bones. A lack of calcium weakens the bones.

You need a collagen supplement in order to build strong bones. This is the case if you have osteoporosis. Note that some plants can stimulate the production of collagen. For example, we have bamboo. A natural way to strengthen already weakened bones.

The benefits of collagen for the gut

Collagen gut wall benefits

There are different types of intestine. These are the small intestine (small) and the large intestine (colon). The intestine contains collagen. It will serve to strengthen the protective barrier of the digestive tract. A fragile and less protected intestine exposes itself to all kinds of digestive problems. Also, when this barrier is poorly protected, it will let pathogens into the blood.

Food supplements: an ideal source of Swiss collagen

The first source of collagen presented here is the dietary supplement Swiss Marine Collagen . Long before, let's take a brief look at the body's collagen synthesis.

How is collagen formed?

Scientists have measured the percentage of collagen based on the total mass of proteins in our body. This measurement indicates a percentage between 25 and 35%. This makes collagen an abundant structural protein. The collagen molecule is made up of an assembly of amino acids. With regard to the synthesis of collagen, it is carried out at the level of the fibroblasts. These cells are found in connective tissues.

They will produce collagen fibers and fundamental substances such as glycoproteins. The synthesis of collagen by fibroblasts takes place according to a complex process. This involves actors such as: ribosomes, mRNA, etc.

In addition, a healthy and balanced diet can participate in the synthesis of collagen in connective tissues. You can also take collagen-enriched food supplements.

What is the role of a dietary supplement containing collagen?

There are several factors responsible for the decrease or decline of collagen stores in the body. Age is a major factor. Poor diet, stress, sun abuse and others are also blamed. Let's not forget to mention free radicals, because their actions degrade collagen fibers.

A food supplement containing collagen is a good source to increase the reserves which are depleted. The interest of the food supplement is to boost the amount of collagen when the body struggles to produce this structural protein.

Fill up on collagen with Swiss Marine Collagen

Swiss Marine Collagen Natural Swiss marine collagen

The dietary supplement "Swiss Marine Collagen" can increase the amount of collagen in your body. Indeed, it contains hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides in powder form. Collagen is accompanied by several other essential ingredients. This dietary supplement also provides vitamins C and E. In the category of minerals, Swiss Marine Collagen contains selenium and zinc. Vitamins and minerals help to assimilate the active ingredients.

We especially like its high amount of collagen. All the effectiveness of Swiss Marine Collagen is expressed at the level of the hair, the skin, the bones, the joints and the intestine. You can offer him your body without risk. This dietary supplement has virtues capable of relieving minor joint and muscle pain. It also facilitates mobility. Swiss Marine Collagen fights against wrinkles, sagging skin and skin aging.

Do not wait any longer ! Treat yourself to this source of Swiss collagen at a studied cost. It is to make the most of the benefits of collagen.

Focus on bone broth: a source of collagen and nutrients

This is not the first time that bone broth and its health benefits have been talked about. We all need collagen, but too often we tend to forget about it. Bone broth is a solution to increase collagen levels.

Why is bone broth rich in collagen?

You provide your body with a good dose of collagen by consuming bone broth. This protein comes from bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Reason why bone broth is rich in collagen. Another marvel of bone broth is its ability to provide gelatin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes good intestinal health . According to experts, gelatin comes from the partial hydrolysis of collagen.

In addition, specialists are able to isolate the collagen contained in the bones. In this case, they proceed by hydrolysis in order to obtain a collagen powder. The latter constitutes a concentrate of collagen. There is a difference between bone broth concocted at home and those collagen concentrates available on the market. However, both are sources of collagen. It's up to everyone to choose their source of collagen!

An ideal solution to fill up on essential nutrients

It should be noted that bone broth is a goldmine of essential nutrients . What is in this liquid? It is a rich solution that provides glycine and glutamine. These amino acids enter into the composition of different molecules.

Bone broth also consists of a complex of vitamins and minerals . They can fill certain deficiencies in the body. Pay attention to the origin of the ingredients when choosing a bone broth on the market. Ideally, it should be made from beef bones raised in the open air, having grazed in the mountains or of organic origin.

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