Vitamine C, ce qu'il faut savoir

Vitamin C, what you need to know

Fatigue, bleeding, illnesses... A lack of vitamin C or ascorbic acid can have serious effects on health or beauty. Who has never taken a drug or product enriched with vitamin C? Close-up on this vitamin available in certain foods and dietary supplements .

Vitamin C: what is it?

You often expect this vitamin to be referred to as the "anti-fatigue vitamin". What is it for ? Why is a deficiency not recommended? Here is a detailed description of vitamin C.

Introducing Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the body. Unfortunately, he is unable to produce it. It belongs to the category of water-soluble vitamins. This means that vitamin C can dissolve in water. It is a remarkable antioxidant. Hence its important role in slowing down cellular aging.

It should also be noted that vitamin C works in synergy with several essential nutrients. Mention may be made, for example, of trace elements such as zinc and selenium.

The different forms of vitamin C

Vitamin C forms

You will find vitamin C in various commercial forms. We immediately think of organic vitamin C from citrus extracts or other plants. There are also fat-soluble forms of this vitamin. Note also liposomal vitamin C.

You also have ascorbates on the market. It is the non-acidic form of ascorbic acid. There are other forms such as: pure L-ascorbic acid (crystals) and dehydro-ascorbic acid (tablets or injection).

What are the consequences of a vitamin C deficiency?

Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of our body. When it comes to vitamin C, a deficiency can lead to a disease like scurvy. Even if this disease is very rare in Western countries, it should nevertheless be wary. Scurvy can lead to death. It is manifested by great fatigue and a lack of appetite in the affected subject.

You can recognize an ascorbic acid deficiency by several signs in your body. We distinguish, for example, bleeding gums, fatigue and bleeding from the nose.

A deficiency can also weaken your immune defences. Under these conditions, your body is less resistant to diseases and attacks.

Unsuspected benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C Benefits

There is so much information you can find on vitamin C by searching the internet. We have selected 3 major benefits. Find out!

A powerful antioxidant

An antioxidant is a vitamin or trace element with the ability to protect our cells against free radicals. With that in mind, vitamin C is meant to be an antioxidant you can rely on. It keeps cells healthy.

Free radicals induce early cellular aging. They are also responsible for oxidative stress. Fortunately, ascorbic acid opposes their harmful effects in the body.

This is why specialists recommend consuming a sufficient amount of vitamin C on a daily basis. Let's not forget the role played by this vitamin in strengthening the immune system. We also know that the great antioxidant power of vitamin C would protect the body against cancer.

It is involved in the synthesis of collagen

Collagen is found in bones, joints, intestine, skin and hair, supporting fibers, etc. Unlike ascorbic acid, collagen is a molecule that the body can produce. However, its synthesis requires the presence of vitamin C.

It is thanks to ascorbic acid that hydroxidation reactions are possible during the biosynthesis of collagen. Thus, a sufficient amount of vitamin C contributes to the production of more collagen.

We should not hesitate to combine them since vitamin C and collagen work together. For example, if you follow a cure.

It promotes the absorption of iron

Iron is a mineral involved in blood oxygenation. It helps transport oxygen to the organs. In fact, iron is one of the components of hemoglobin. A low daily iron intake can lead to more or less severe anemia. What is the link with vitamin C?

Ingested ascorbic acid will increase the absorption of mainly non-heme iron. It is mainly found in plants. Dairy products also provide this type of iron. Thanks to vitamin C, vegetarians have an ideal alternative to meet their daily iron needs.

What are the food solutions to ingest the most vitamin C?

We know: our body does not produce ascorbic acid itself. It is therefore in your diet that you must turn to find it. The nutritional intake that experts recommend is 110 mg per day. Find it in the following foods.

Eat citrus fruits

vitamin C Citrus

There are a variety of citrus fruits with a good vitamin C content. Among the most popular are orange, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine. Here are some great sources of vitamin C to look to. When you eat an orange or half a grapefruit, you supply your body with 75 mg of vitamin C. It's the same as when you consume the juice of a lemon.

On the other hand, two mandarins are needed to reach the quantity of ascorbic acid the value indicated above. It's up to everyone to choose their favorite citrus fruit. The flavonoids contained in these fruits have antioxidant properties. This will enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C. Let's not forget a fruit like kiwi, because it provides 80 mg of vitamin C per 100 g.

Make 100% fruit cocktails

It involves combining several fruits in order to obtain a mixture with a high dose of vitamin C. For example, you can make a cocktail of a thick slice of watermelon and the juice of a grapefruit. Combine 250 g strawberries, hulled and cut into pieces. Put everything in the blender.

You get a good source of vitamin C with about 105 mg per glass. Without forgetting the tender fibers which act gently on the intestines. Everyone can make their combination of fruits in order to swallow the maximum amount of ascorbic acid. It contains 162 mg per 100 g.

fruit cocktail smoothie

The vegetables

Dieticians and nutritionists are unanimous on the nutritional qualities of vegetables. In this group, the raw red pepper is a champion of the vitamin C content. The cabbage family (Brussels, red, etc.) contains a content oscillating between 55 and 58 mg.

As for watercress, it is packed with antioxidant constituents. In addition to vitamin C, it contains vitamin E, selenium and zinc. They oppose the damage of free radicals. Broccoli, tomato, spinach... So many vegetables to include in your daily diet.

Be careful, the cooking method can alter the vitamin C present in food. She remains very sensitive to heat and light. Boiling vegetables in water promotes a loss of vitamin C. Reason enough to take dietary supplements.

Which food supplements to swallow the maximum of vitamin C?

Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamin C. However, consider a course of dietary supplements if you do not eat enough. Here are 3 products to try.

Vitamin C dietary supplement

In the form of chewable tablets

Food supplements are perfect sources of vitamin C. However, they should in no way replace a healthy and balanced diet. You can choose chewable tablets with significant action throughout the day. Opt for the food supplement " Vitamin C 750 mg " from NutraSwiss.

This high potency food supplement contains three bioactive types of vitamin C. They release the amount of vitamin C suitable for collagen synthesis and iron absorption. Start now a cure where you will have 120 chewable tablets over a period of 2 months.

Capsules enriched with liposomal vitamin C

They have been around for a few years. These food supplements will surely help you to fill your ascorbic acid deficiencies. LIPO-C dietary supplement can be taken as a cure for 2 months. It is made up of liposomal vitamin C.

The difference here is that vitamin C is in a liposome. In fact, a liposome is a kind of vesicle used to encapsulate active ingredients. This increases the absorption capacity of vitamin C. The vitamin C molecule can then be deposited in the very heart of the cell. In addition, the intestine tolerates the capsules better.

In powder form

A powdered dietary supplement offers several benefits. It can easily be dissolved in water to obtain a solution that the body will assimilate better. There is also the fact that a powder is easily dosed.

We can use the food supplement Ócerola to fill up with vitamin C. What is the advantage of this product? The particularity is that it contains acerola fruit extracts as well as magnesium. This dietary supplement can instantly provide the vitamin C that your diet fails to provide.

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