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Zinc is essential for hair, skin and defenses. A deficiency causes disorders, fatigue, etc. What you need to know...

Zinc in food?

A healthy and balanced diet is based on eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Zinc is one of the essential minerals for the proper functioning of the body.

It is also presented as a trace element. This term is used by scientists to describe a nutrient present in small quantities in the body, but necessary for the body. It should also be noted that the cells are unable to produce zinc.

It comes from the foods we eat. Food supplements are also a source of this trace element. Selecting your foods well seems a necessity if you want to fill up on zinc every day.

Zinc foods

Eat foods rich in zinc. The foods richest in zinc are animal products such as seafood (oysters), offal (liver), eggs and poultry. You will also find it in whole grains, oilseeds and some legumes (lentils).

Food supplements containing zinc can also be a solution.

What is the role of zinc?

The role of zinc is at several levels in the body. Let's say right away that zinc helps digestion.

However, if you take it in the recommended proportions. Indeed, too high doses of zinc lead to digestive disorders. Nausea can thus be observed. In other cases, they may manifest as vomiting.

At the cell level, zinc contributes to their youth capital. It plays a role in fighting acne . This trace element therefore contributes to beautiful skin. In addition to the skin, zinc keeps nails and hair in perfect condition.

Another benefit of zinc is its ability to boost the immune system . Its ability to induce the production of white blood cells is well established. They attack the pathogens responsible for a range of diseases.

In pregnant women, zinc is useful because it participates in the better development of the foetus. Let's not forget its action in improving blood circulation. It is an insulin regulator.

Signs of a lack of zinc

You may lack zinc. If so, how do you know? An individual prone to zinc deficiency may experience severe fatigue. But fatigue can be a symptom of a variety of conditions. When it comes to a lack of zinc, fatigue is accompanied by certain sensory disturbances. For example, a sight or smell disorder.

On the sexual level, the man can suffer from impotence. Without forgetting that this deficiency can manifest itself in both sexes by the appearance of skin problems such as: pimples and dehydrated skin.

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