Les Bienfaits de la Douche Froide - Bertrand Saugy

The Benefits of Cold Showers - Bertrand Saugy

In his second interview, Bertrand Saugy, manual therapist and physical trainer, tells us about a new fashion: taking a shower with cold water.

○ How does our brain react to this practice?

○ How often do you expose your body to cold?

○ What are the virtues of cold?

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1️⃣ Why train our brain?


The cold shower is in fashion. What do you think of these new trends?

My opinion, it is quite global. The cold is an element of nature and I think it is essential for the brain to be able to recognize these stimuli.

We have sensory receptors all over the body, including thermoreceptors. And it will be relevant to activate these thermoreceptors, whether with heat but also with cold.

And there, the brain again, it will get used to this information, it will say: ah, it's cold! OK, everything is fine. I will give tremors, I will give muscle contractions to warm up my body.

Cold showers or cold therapy is very important in my opinion to find homeostasis of body and mind. Because the brain needs that information.

Ok for the cold shower, but what are the dangers?

Now, it is very important not to go to extremes. That's why it's important in my job to remember the middle way.

That possibly bathing every day is perhaps too much, or never doing it is not enough.

You have to listen to your body and its needs and your intuitions and your instincts in fact.

And that's why you can quickly go to extremes as you can see, where you absolutely have to hold out for 20 minutes at zero degrees three times a day. Everything is a question of deep need that we have.

Cold shower: Beneficial

Now, the virtues of the cold, they are numerous:

In particular everything related to blood circulation, everything endocrine, everything related to the immune system, everything related to physical and mental recovery, everything related to waking up the primary instincts that we have deep inside us too.

Because you have to know that genetically, we're not far off, so I don't want to give a percentage, but we're very close to hunter-gatherers.

So the brain waits and our genes wait for these kinds of stimuli. But be careful with kindness.

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