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Women's Food Supplement

Women's Food Supplement

Each woman is unique but also, each woman is confronted with intimate inconveniences during her life. And this, whether during his adolescence and his first period, during his first sexual experiences, during the birth of a child or even during his

Menstrual cycle, preparation for childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, intra-uterine examinations, menopause, hormonal changes, ... The nutritional needs of women during these periods are important.

An imbalance of the intimate flora quickly arrives and the inconveniences which result from it are not pleasant at all: Itching, white losses, gynecological infections (cystitis, mycosis, candidiasis,..), pain, discomfort.

Each cycle is the same thing, pain in the lower abdomen, hypersensitivity of the breasts, lack of energy or even mood swings. Nearly one in three women is affected by these disorders, it is called premenstrual syndrome.

Treating these inconveniences naturally with a healthy, balanced and targeted diet is possible. But, with the help of specific micronutrients, it is possible to go through these stages comfortably and gently. Menstrual pain and inconvenience should not be inevitable.

This is why, at ProFeel, we offer food supplements developed by and for women.