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ProFeel Life

Control your diet for optimal health

Control your diet for optimal health

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Online Nutrition Training

“Mastering your diet for optimal health” was created in collaboration with Christian Petten, nutritionist.

You will learn how to compose your diet in order to achieve nutritional sufficiency and preserve your health over the long term.

Keep the pleasure of eating while taking care of your body

Become independent and improve your well-being

Achieve nutritional sufficiency

Training presentation webinar between C. Petten and ProFeel Life

A summary of what you will learn:

  • The importance of choosing a nutritious diet to preserve your long-term health
  • The intergenerational effects of nutrition, linked to epigenetic mechanisms
  • The glaring differences between modern and ancestral diets
  • The different food families and their nutritional characteristics
  • How to balance your diet to reach your full potential
  • What are the common mistakes in our plates and how to avoid them
  • What are the superfoods to consume regularly
  • What are the common deficiencies and imbalances, where do they come from and how to avoid them
  • How to use oils and fats in the kitchen to prevent oxidation
  • How to Adapt Your Cooking Methods to Preserve Nutrients
  • How to cook your food in order to draw its full potential and thus increase nutritional value, digestibility and limit toxins

Eat healthy while maintaining the pleasure of eating

Your organization will thank you

Improve your well-being

Densified and rich content - Popularized in order to be understood by everyone

  • Training divided into 24 modules to facilitate learning
  • Summary of each available module in order to highlight the essentials
  • Videos shot in a professional studio
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Condensed in over 3 hours, you will get the result of hundreds of hours of research and reading by a passionate nutritionist. You will get concrete and simple advice to put in place on a daily basis.

3 bonuses included including the printable ebook “Côté Cuisine” which summarizes the essential points of the training in the form of sheets to have on hand in your kitchen.

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Plus de 3 heures de contenu vidéo riche et varié réparti en 24 modules

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Accès Immédiat et illimité
Contenu optimisé pour toutes les plateformes

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Adapté à tous les niveaux, que vous soyez débutant ou confirmé

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3 bonus inclus dont l'ebook "Côté Cuisine", indispensable au quotidien lors de vos préparations culinaires

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Accès instantané et illimité et depuis n'importe où.

Contenu Optimisé pour tous les plateformes (ordinateurs, tablettes, smartphones).

Pour qui ?

Pour toutes les personnes souhaitant maîtriser leur alimentation afin d'atteindre la suffisance nutritionnelle.


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