Associer Hypnose et Nutrition avec Valérie Romanens - Hypnothérapeute et Nutritionniste

Combining Hypnosis and Nutrition with Valérie Romanens - Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist

In this video, Valérie explains how she combines hypnosis with nutrition:

○ Eat mindfully.
○ Eating disorders.
○ The interest of working both in action and in the unconscious at the same time.

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Transcription :

How to combine hypnosis and nutrition?

At the beginning of my professional retraining, I worked only as a nutrition therapist and I accompanied my patients towards a nutritional rebalancing. We were working on the conscious , we were above all in action, thinking about how to restore together a healthy plate, how to put in place, concretely, to eat healthy, in a way adapted according to their needs, according to their state of health. and the time of their life, et cetera.

The fact of being able to associate, if the patients so wish, hypnosis with nutrition makes it possible to work in depth, to work unconsciously on the anchorages and on the ancestral transmissions of eating habits.

Conscious or unconscious?

Very often, unconsciously, we mistreat ourselves through food, through the way we feed ourselves: either we do not offer ourselves enough to eat, or even we deprive ourselves of food, as if we were trying to hurt ourselves. , or you can also eat too quickly in too large quantities, by compulsions. As if filling a void. As if we were afraid of not having enough. Or to fill an emotional lack for example!

So the interest of being able to associate hypnosis with nutrition is to be able to work both in action, the conscious, and in the unconscious, by anchoring deeply in ourselves to eat in full consciousness, gently, kindly; to offer us this chance and this proof of love, to eat well and to maintain our health. To be aware that we are perfectly capable of chewing food for a long time and to discover or rediscover the feeling of satiety and the pleasure of eating.

eating disorders

Very often, in eating disorders that I accompany, we can observe that there is this unconscious abuse. What I also notice is the enormous guilt of the patients for not being able to eat healthily, for not having resisted chocolate after a meal, or for being compelled to eat after a meal. copious.

It is then very interesting to dig deep at the unconscious level, to understand what are the sweet impulses, where they come from and how to get rid of them? In order to finally offer a benevolent diet and to reconcile with his body and his image.

In this way, the patient will in the future be able to nourish himself in a benevolent, conscious way and according to his needs. And to sum it up in one sentence: eat differently to feel better.

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