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Food Supplement Immune System

Food Supplement for the Immune System

The immune system.

Its mission? To protect the body against pathogens.

The immune system has to deal with parasites, bacteria, and viruses throughout the year, especially during seasonal changes. When temperatures shift, cold weather arrives, and elements like wind, rain, or sunlight change, the body is put to the test.

The ideal way to face these challenges is to prepare in advance. To do this, maintaining the best possible lifestyle is essential. Ensure you get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.

However, despite these efforts, your body may need a little help. This is where an immune system dietary supplement can provide the boost needed to address any deficiencies.

Several natural supplements that we offer contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system in its mission to protect the body.

The importance of having a ready-to-respond intestinal flora is crucial. The intestinal mucosa acts as a barrier between the external world and the inside of our bodies. Clasporin, for example, helps rebalance the digestive system, allowing the intestinal microbiota to react appropriately when pathogens arrive.

We also offer a supplement based on beta-glucans and extracts of Reishi, an ancient mushroom, used to strengthen and stimulate the immune system.

Additionally, we have several vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C has numerous benefits for the body and immunity. Whether in powder ,capsule or chewable form, it contributes to the normal functioning of your immune system.

Not to forget lactoferrin , which deprives infectious agents of the iron necessary for their development. This molecule, derived from breast milk, helps protect the digestive, intestinal, and respiratory mucous membranes.

As we are often reminded, it's better to prevent than to cure.