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Detox Food Supplement

Food Supplement for Detox

After indulging in excessive eating, a heavy meal, a night of overindulgence in alcohol, or simply an accumulation over a longer period, our digestive system is put to the test.

Consequences such as difficult digestion, digestive imbalance, bloating, stomach ache, and a feeling of fullness can occur.

The cause may be an excess of fat or alcohol, stress, or poor eating habits. Unfortunately, these discomforts can be unpleasant in daily life and even debilitating.

Supplementing a healthy diet with a detox dietary supplement can be the solution to "cleanse" your body. Over time, toxins accumulate in our bodies. Allowing their elimination will be beneficial for your well-being and help you feel liberated.

Currently, we offer two natural food supplements that could help you. One for the intestinal system and the other for the liver.

The first, Humicol ,is made from humic acids derived from organic agriculture. It has two main capabilities: improving digestion by stimulating peristalsis (intestinal movement), especially during gastrointestinal overload, and detoxifying the intestinal mucosa by capturing accumulated toxins and heavy metals.

The second, Heparyl , is a supplement composed of Ornithine and magnesium malate. This combination helps decongest the liver and eliminate toxins produced by our bodies, especially during excess consumption of fatty foods or excessive alcohol. Additionally, Ornithine participates in the urea cycle, transforming excess harmful ammonia in our bodies into urea, which is eliminated through urine.

Freeing your body from time to time through detox regimens can truly improve your daily life.