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Food supplements

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Discover our range of food supplements. The “Swiss Made” quality is our priority, which is why each supplement available on our store is developed and produced in Switzerland.

Our supplements are in the form of tablets or capsules. They can be gastro-resistant meaning that the coating that surrounds them will resist the acidic environment of our stomach and will dissolve when reaching our intestines.

The goal is to act in the right place at the right time.

Currently, we offer the product range of the company ABBGen Sàrl and the NUHO range, which cover various health conditions as described below.

Intestinal Microbiota

From detoxification to rebalancing the intestinal flora , you will find the food supplement that meets your needs.

In cases of dysbiosis (intestinal imbalance), a detoxification of the intestinal mucosa can be beneficial, followed by a probiotic treatment containing the right bacterial strains, such as Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis.

This can help combat conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, for example.

Detoxifying the intestinal mucosa will “cleanse” it of toxins and improve the absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.).

Taking natural products like a food supplement can be a valuable ally in cases of chronic intestinal diseases.

Vaginal flora

Consuming a targeted probiotic helps balance the vaginal microbiota, strengthening and protecting it during gynecological infections, as well as before and after childbirth and intrauterine exams.

Antibiotics can damage the vaginal flora, which is why taking a natural treatment can be helpful in such cases.

Osteo-Articular Sphere

Osteoarthritis affects a large portion of the population. Providing a natural solution for relief is important to us.

Coxadol, for instance, is a supplement based on extracts from Harpagophytum, a plant mainly found in Africa and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

As people age, osteoporosis becomes increasingly common. The combination of vitamins D3, K2, potassium citrate, and boron enhances calcium assimilation, absorption, and fixation.

One of the many benefits of vitamin C is promoting collagen production. Collagen is a key component of our bone structure, so ensuring its production is essential.

Organism & Immune System

Improve your overall health and immune defenses with natural food supplements.

We offer solutions to detoxify your liver, significantly improving your nervous system and sleep quality.

You can also strengthen and boost your immune system with Beta-glucans and Reishi extracts.

Take advantage of boosting your immune defenses, reducing fatigue, and strengthening your body with vitamin C and its numerous benefits. Available in powder form to dilute in water or in a liposomal capsule form, vitamin C is your daily ally.

Replenish your energy reserves with vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids found in the Óla supplement.