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Food supplements

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Discover our range of dietary supplements. "Swiss Made" quality is our priority, which is why each supplement available in our store is developed or produced in Switzerland.

Our supplements come in the form of capsules, capsules, or tablets. They can be gastro-resistant. This means that the coating surrounding them will resist the acidic environment of our stomach and dissolve when reaching our intestine.

The goal is to act in the right place at the right time.

Currently, we offer supplements from the Exelis, ABBGen, NUHO, CapilActive, Maxoway, Nutraswiss, and Plein’R ranges. These ranges have many benefits for your well-being, discover them below.

Intestinal Microbiota

From detox to rebalancing the intestinal flora, you will find the food supplement that meets your needs.

During dysbiosis (intestinal imbalance), a detoxification of the intestinal mucosa can be a plus to be followed by a probiotic cure containing the right bacterial strains such as Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis.

This helps in combating conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, for example.

Detoxification of the intestinal mucosa will "cleanse" the present toxins and allow better absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins...).

Activated vegetable charcoal or humic acids are often used to "detoxify" the digestive system.

Taking natural products such as a dietary supplement can be a serious ally in chronic intestinal diseases.

Support your digestion by activating digestive enzymes with Betaine HCl and relieve your discomfort by incorporating Melissa and Cinnamon into your well-being routine.

Improve intestinal comfort by adding L-Glutamine to your microbiota.

Vaginal flora

Consuming a targeted probiotic ensures balancing the vaginal microbiota to strengthen and protect it during gynecological infections, as well as before and after childbirth and intrauterine exams.

Antibiotics can damage the vaginal flora, which is why taking a natural treatment can help in these specific cases.

Other solutions created by a woman for women, the SPM and Meno comfort supplements target both premenstrual syndrome and discomforts of premenopause and menopause.

Osteo-Articular Sphere

Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects a large part of the population. Offering them a natural solution that would relieve them was important to us.

Indeed, Coxadol is a supplement based on extracts of Harpagophytum plants. A plant mainly growing in Africa with anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin can also be useful in case of inflammation.

At a certain age, osteoporosis becomes more and more present in daily life. The combination of vitamins D3, K2, potassium citrate, and boron increases the assimilation, absorption, and fixation of calcium.

Nettle is a plant with multiple virtues, including being able to relieve certain joint pains.

One of the many benefits of vitamin C is to promote the production of collagen. Collagen being one of the main compounds of our bone system, it is essential to ensure its production. Lysine is also crucial in the formation of connective tissues.

Organism & Immune System

Improve the overall condition of your body and your immune defenses with natural dietary supplements.

We offer solutions to detoxify your liver and thus significantly improve your nervous system and the quality of your sleep.

But also to strengthen and stimulate your immune system with Beta-glucans and Reishi extracts.

Take advantage of boosting your immune defenses, reducing fatigue, and strengthening your body with vitamin C and its many benefits. Available in powder form to dilute in water, in chewable tablets with apple flavor, or in liposomal capsule form, vitamin C is your ally every day.

Replenish your energy reserves with vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and amino acids present in the Óla supplement.

Echinacea, Selenium, Quercetin, Spirulina are four supplements that can support and help your immune system face everyday dangers.

Protection against free radicals responsible for cellular aging can be achieved by absorbing antioxidants such as Curcumin, Pomegranate, Coenzyme Q10, Cinnamon, or Resveratrol.

Allergies, whether seasonal or not, affect more and more people. Nettle and Quercetin are serious allies.

Mental Health & Metabolism

In this category, several plants and active principles bring their benefits to our body.

Let's start with Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic plant used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine, it will rebalance your body and mind.

Need a boost to be more efficient and focused? Ginkgo Biloba supports cognitive functions.

Stressed? Melissa can help you relax.

The stress we undergo can affect our mood, provide support to hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine, and norepinephrine by adding a supplement of L-Tyrosine to your body. An essential amino acid for your well-being.

In the category of adaptogenic plants, Tribulus Terrestris also has its role to play. Helping men regain an adequate level of testosterone, it also allows women to support their libido.

Hormonal balance is an important element in our functioning. That's why Myo-Inositol and Iodine can be very useful.

When metabolism needs a boost, CoQ 10 and ALCAR / ALA can help and support energy production.

Bladder and prostate problems are increasingly affecting men, so incorporating Nettle into their preparations can be a real advantage.

Cardiovascular Health & Weight Loss

Our Omega-3 rich in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA are essential to rebalance the omega 3-6 ratio. Real support for the cardiovascular system, they are essential for good cognitive and visual function.

Discover Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia, each intervening in support of weight loss. One by helping to burn fat and the other by controlling appetite and reducing cravings.

Chrome is an essential element in our body, intervening in metabolism and glycemic management.

Beauty & Cosmetics

The CapilActiv and Maxoway ranges offer nutricosmetic-oriented supplements.

CapilActive offers three supplements for hair well-being. One for men, two for women.

Maxoway offers us hydrolyzed marine collagen as well as an anti-imperfection complex for the skin.