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Sports Food Supplement

Sports Food Supplement

It can't be stressed enough how vital engaging in physical activity is. Indeed, the positive effects on the body are numerous.

Whether it's for cardiovascular health, bone structure, or even mental well-being, the benefits of sports are well-established.

Our bodies undergo considerable strain when we engage in physical exertion. They draw upon their reserves, which can lead to fatigue, muscle soreness, and even injuries.

Regular exercise and not having an impeccable lifestyle can also lead to deficiencies that must be compensated for.

This is why, supplementing a healthy and balanced diet with food supplements is highly recommended, whether it's to prevent injuries or enhance sports performance.

The sports food supplements we currently offer can help and support you, whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, in achieving your goals.

For example, NUHO brand supplements containing vitamin C and multivitamins can help reduce fatigue and support the normal function of your immune system. They can also contribute to the normal formation of collagen necessary for the proper function of joints and connective tissues.

Joint pain can be very debilitating. That's why we offer Coxadol, a natural treatment based on harpagophytum developed by the ABBGen laboratory. This Swiss food supplement could reduce and alleviate joint pain and inflammation caused by sports activities or conditions like osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, you'll also find marine collagen produced by the Swiss company Maxoway for joint pain. These marine collagen peptides are ideal for ensuring the normal function of bones and cartilage.

Finally, to aid in muscle development and regeneration, Glutamine Kyowa Quality is available to you.