Collection: Essential & vegetable oils, Hydrolat

Essential & vegetable oils, Hydrolat

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Discover our precious collection of essential oils and hydrosols, carefully selected to offer you a unique and enjoyable aromatic experience. Our premium essential oils are made from wild plants or organic agriculture, ensuring exceptional purity and effectiveness.

Explore our range of diverse essential oils, such as Wild Cypress essential oil ,perfect for creating a woody and refreshing atmosphere. Wild eucalyptus globulus and eucalyptus radiata essential oils are ideal for adding a revitalizing touch to your surroundings.

Also, discover organic wintergreen essential oilsorganic rose geranium essential oils, and organic spike lavender essential oils, which add a floral and relaxing note to your collection. Fine lavender essential oils and organic lavandin essential oils are must-haves for creating a soothing and serene atmosphere.

Add an energizing touch to your daily life with organic peppermint essential oils and organic sweet orange essential oils, while wild Scots pine and organic ravintsara essential oils evoke the freshness of nature and forests.

To complete your collection, opt for versatile essential oils like organic tea tree and organic ylang-ylang, perfect for daily use. Enrich your skincare routine with our organic Roman chamomile hydrosols, organic orange blossom hydrosols, and organic sesame vegetable oil, ideal for nourishing and softening the skin.

Experience our Swiss essential oil collection and enjoy the benefits of these natural treasures for your senses and well-being.


L'Essencier: Our trusted supplier in Switzerland

Located in Icogne, Valais, Switzerland, L'Essencier is our preferred supplier for our Swiss essential oil collection. Since 1953, the Mayor family has worked passionately to develop a nature-friendly farm in line with local traditions.

L'Essencier's story begins with the cultivation of raspberries and evolves with the addition of laying hens and Hérens cattle. In 1997, Jean-Michel Mayor decides to shift to organic cultivation of medicinal plants, in collaboration with the Valplantes Cooperative.

In the 2010s, the third generation of the family, represented by Guillaume Mayor, joins the team and realizes an ambitious project: the construction of an essential oil distillery. Inaugurated in 2015, the distillery is built according to ecological and sustainable principles, using natural materials and renewable energy.

The Crops of L'Essencier

The medicinal plants cultivated by L'Essencier come from organic agriculture, following the principles of sustainability and environmental respect. Fresh plants are carefully harvested and selected to ensure the quality of the produced essential oils and hydrosols.

The Distillation of Essential Oils and Hydrosols

The distillation process at L'Essencier relies on an evaporation-condensation system carried out in an alembic that respects the active principles of plants. Fresh plants are placed in a stainless steel tank, without direct contact with boiling water. The steam extracts and carries the volatile active principles of the plants, which are then re-condensed and recovered in the essence maker. Essential oils are separated from the hydrosol due to their lightness, while the distillation residues are composted or recycled to fuel the boiler.

By choosing L'Essencier as a supplier for our Swiss essential oil collection, we are proud to offer you superior quality products, stemming from traditional craftsmanship and an ecological and responsible approach.