Interview C. Petten - Nutritionist

Go naturally for optimal health

We are hosting a webinar with C. Petten.

(Webinar = audiovisual webcast seminar)

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The subject will be how to control your nutrition to improve your health.

You can discover there:

  • The 3 main principles of the Nutrivore diet
  • 4 specificities for choosing our foods
  • What is a super food
  • The technique to avoid empty calories
  • The trap to avoid that leads to weight gain
  • 5 preparation methods that limit toxins and antinutrients
  • THE temperature not to be exceeded during cooking
  • The 4 keys to success for a preventive diet

But also, it will shed light on false beliefs that we all have.

Indeed, the industrialization of food does not only have benefits for our bodies and certain "ways of doing things" of our ancestors deserve to be put back on the agenda.

And that's not all, in collaboration with C. Petten, nutritionist, we have created the training "Mastering your diet for optimal health" which will be available during the webinar.

So if this subject interests you, we invite you to meet on Sunday February 13 at 8:00 p.m.

The webinar will last about fifteen minutes and participation is free.

And there is even better, we will draw 5 registrants and we will offer them the training worth 297 CHF

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