Multi-approach pack "Find a restful sleep"

First of all, thank you for the trust you place in us.

We look forward to guiding you, step by step, towards the rediscovery of restful and natural sleep.

This pack is based on 3 therapeutic approaches whose synergy reinforces the effects of each of them. Here they are :

  • Behavioral tools and lifestyle habits
  • Practical protocol for relaxing the body
  • Targeted supplementation to support quality sleep

By applying the different methods proposed in this pack, you will take a big step towards quality sleep, fundamental to health and performance.

To obtain the desired effects, we invite you to follow these tips for at least 30 days.

The advice promulgated here is the fundamental basis for quality sleep for everyone. For very specific cases, particular constraints or pathological situations, we invite you to contact Bertrand or Christian in order to obtain personalized advice .

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To claim them, please provide your email address to the therapists during your consultation.

The pack is structured as follows

Behavioral tools and lifestyle habits

Practical body relaxation protocol - Demo

Practical protocol for relaxing the body - Explanatory

The Guide to "Find Restful Sleep"

Download the guide

Magnesium Bisglycinate - Benefits and Dosage

Dosage: 1 to 3 tablets per day, preferably after the evening meal

Magnesium bisglycinate is a form of magnesium and glycine that is highly assimilable by the body and does not cause digestive problems as other existing forms can do.

Essential for the proper functioning of our body, magnesium is involved in more than 300 biological reactions and has many benefits for our body.

Magnesium bisglycinate helps with falling asleep and provides quality, restorative sleep by acting on the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

In addition, it also has benefits for the nervous system, sports performance and bone structure.

--> Magnesium Bisglycinate

Presentation of the therapists

Christian Petten - AlphaTheta

Personal coach and nutritionist MCO ASCA

With a solid life experience, Flow Coach graduate by the Flow Research Collective in the USA, ASCA-approved MCO nutritionist in Switzerland, former Special Forces operator, I offer through AlphaTheta a multi-approach coaching method to target your goals. as completely as possible.

My mission: To propose and teach the most appropriate and relevant tools to meet YOUR challenges while remaining at the forefront of scientific research in the fields of health and human performance.

Productivity - Creativity - Health and performance - Personal development

Bertrand Saugy

Manual movement therapist

The approach proposed by Bertrand Saugy is based on neuroscience: the activation of the body and the mind in the form of functional movements and personal development.

State-of-the-art knowledge, both at the therapeutic and preventive level, makes it possible to find together turnkey solutions to optimize your physical and mental performance as well as effective rehabilitation if necessary.

Its field of activity is vast but always focuses on your own resources: the ability to move in space, using your senses in an efficient way while developing a better ability to manage thoughts and emotions.

The approach covers rehabilitation following trauma or illness, prevention to ensure long-term daily health and functionality, but also physical and mental performance to achieve your most ambitious goals.

magnesium bisglycinate
Magnesium Bisglycinate