Our guide to living well without a health pass

How to live without a health pass

Our company Profeel.life does not agree with the restrictive measures imposed by the various governments and we understand those who are concerned or critical of these restrictive measures.

We also believe that presenting vaccination as the only solution to this health event and a contemptuous posture towards a "multi-axis" strategy, in other words which acts on several fronts such as:

  • The search for natural solutions
  • The use of non-vaccine drugs
  • Encouragement and opportunities to maintain exemplary mental health
  • The evolution of natural antibodies in people who are not at risk
  • Avoid a policy of fear and confinement that makes some people fragile
  • A global vision that really measures the effects of social distancing measures, both positive and negative
Here are some examples that make sense to us and that would allow us to respect a simple principle that our parents and grandparents have always told us:

Let's not put all our eggs in one basket.

It is on this basis that we have published a guide containing several techniques to best live this period for people who do not have a health pass or who do not feel in tune with the limitations imposed on us.

10 everyday techniques to achieve success without a health pass