Myo-Inositol bienfaits

Dosage, the link with vitamin B7 and the benefits of Inositol (myo-inositol) on PCOS, fertility and metabolism

In the vast world of dietary supplements, the Myo-Inositol stands out as a precious ally for our well-being! Its effectiveness has been backed up by numerous scientific studies, particularly in people suffering from diabetes, of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and fertility disordersconsumption of this molecule as a dietary supplement has increased by more than 40% in just five years.

This natural compound, often referred to as "wellness vitaminpromises a multitude of benefits, from hormone regulation to improved mental health. In the teeming world of natural products, the Myo-inositol certainly deserves your attention!

What is myo-inositol?

The myo-inositol is a form of the inositol moleculemolecule, often considered one of the B vitamins group of vitamins (often referred to as vitamin B7). a vitamin in its own right.

This molecule, present in many of the foods we consume every day, such as wholegrain cerealswholegrain nuts and legumes, plays a essential role in cell metabolismmetabolism, particularly in glucose regulation by insulin and the cell membrane function [1].

One of the outstanding benefits of myo-inositol concerns the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In the following sections, we'll take you through some of the many studies that have highlighted the beneficial effects of this natural molecule on women suffering from PCOS, including theimproved fertility and insulin regulation.

We will also see that myo-inositol is involved in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, and therefore plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

What are the benefits and properties of inositol?

Visit myo-inositolmyo-inositol, often affiliated with the vitamin family, in particular the B vitamins, is a molecule with numerous benefits and properties. Visit taking supplements rich in inositol is known to have beneficial effects on several aspects of health, including :

The benefits of inositol on PCOS

Myo-Inositol benefits PCOS

The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders affecting women of childbearing age. It is characterized by hormonal imbalancean irregular ovulation (deregulated menstrual cycle) and formation of small cysts on the ovaries.

Taking dietary supplements containing myo-inositol has shown significant benefits for women of childbearing age suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

In fact, many women return to regular cycles after just a few weeks. 3 months of inositol supplementationsupplementation, reducing PCOS symptoms. This molecule is even nicknamed the "fertility molecule for its remarkable effects.

Here's how myo-inositol works for reduce PCOS symptoms [2], [3] :

  • Improves insulin sensitivity One of the main problems faced by women with PCOS is insulin resistance. This resistance leads to high levels of insulin, which in turn causes excessive production of androgens (male hormones). Myo-inositol helps improve the cells' sensitivity to insulin, thereby reducing insulin levels and, consequently, androgen production.
  • It regulates ovarian function By reducing high levels of androgens, myo-inositol may help regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • Improves oocyte quality Myo-inositol plays a crucial role in oocyte maturation. Better oocyte quality is essential for fertility, and many women with PCOS resort to myo-inositol supplementation when trying to conceive.
  • It reduces signs of hyperandrogenism Excess androgens in women with PCOS can lead to symptoms such as acne, excessive hair growth (hirsutism) and hair loss. By helping to balance hormone levels, myo-inositol can help reduce these symptoms.
  • Effects on lipid metabolism PCOS is often associated with lipid imbalances. Myo-inositol can help regulate lipid metabolism, promoting a healthier lipid profile.

The metabolic properties of myo-inositol

Myo-Inositol benefits metabolism

Visit myo-inositolderived from glucoseplays a vital role in the lipid metabolism. Taking myo-inositol as a dietary supplement has beneficial effects on weight in obese people, by improving overall metabolism and reducing endocrine-metabolic disorders.

Here are some of the main metabolic benefits of myo-inositol:

  • Improves insulin sensitivity By acting as a second messenger for insulin, myo-inositol helps cells respond more effectively to this hormone, which is particularly beneficial for people with insulin resistance, such as those suffering from PCOS or type 2 diabetes [2], [3].
  • Regulates lipid metabolism myo-inositol influences fat metabolism, notably by helping to reduce blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, thus promoting a healthy lipid profile [4].
  • It plays a role in neuronal function myo inositol appears to be involved in the formation and release of certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, playing a role in mood balance and sleep regulation.
  • Regulates intracellular calcium concentration As a component of phosphatidylinositols (chemical structures present in cell membranes), myo-inositol plays a role in the transmission of intracellular signals, notably in the regulation of calcium concentrations, essential for various metabolic functions.
  • Helps detoxify the liver Some evidence suggests that myo-inositol may have beneficial effects on liver function, notably by helping to eliminate excess fat from the liver.
  • It converts into other inositols myo-inositol can be converted into other forms of inositol, which also have beneficial effects on metabolism.

So it's clear that myo-inositol exerts a profound influence on human metabolism.

The benefits of myo-inositol on fertility

Myo-Inositol fertility benefits

Visit myo-inositol plays a significant role in the regulation of several biological processes essential for the fertilityin both men and women.

The mechanisms by which it improves fertility are complex, but are essentially based on its role in cell signallingsignaling, its impact on oocyte quality and the hormonal regulation.

Here are the main effects of myo-inositol on fertility [5]:

In women:

  • It improves oocyte quality[5] ;
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle;
  • Reduces insulin resistance;
  • Reduces oxidative stress which damages oocytes [6] ;

In men:

  • It improves sperm parameters (sperm mobility, morphology, etc.) [7], [8] ;
  • Protects spermatozoa from oxidative stress [9];
  • It improves insulin sensitivity and helps balance androgen levels (male hormones whose balance is important for fertility and sexual health).

Other benefits of myo-inositol

Of course, here are other potential benefits of myo-inositol:

  • Mental health mental health: studies have shown that myo-inositol can help reduce symptoms of depressionof panic disorder andobsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Gestation and pregnancy Myo-inositol supplementation may reduce the risk of diabetes during pregnancy. What's more, myo-inositol treatment could avoid the need for insulin in certain pregnant women (prevention and treatment of gestational diabetes) [3].
  • Neuroprotection Preliminary studies suggest that myo-inositol may play an important role in neuroprotection. neuroprotective rolealthough more research is needed.
  • Thyroid function Thyroid function: the combination of myo-inositol and other nutrients, such as selenium, may support thyroid function and have a modulating effect on certain autoimmune thyroid conditions [10]-[13].
  • Oxidative stress Selenium: can help reduce oxidative stress, providing effective cellular protection against premature aging [9].
  • Cellular health Cellular health: as a component of phospholipids, myo-inositol plays a crucial role in the structure and function of cell membranes.
Myo-Inositol benefits

What is the recommended dosage of myo-inositol?

The recommended dosage of myo-inositol depends on the indication for which it is used.

Here are a few recommended dosages for various conditions, based on clinical studies and the latest expert recommendations:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) The dosage currently recommended for women with PCOS is 2,000 mg to 4,000 mg (2-4 grams) per day.
  • Fertility To improve oocyte quality and other fertility parameters, dosages similar to those used for PCOS are recommended. (2,000 mg to 4,000 mg daily) are recommended. are commonly recommended.
  • Mood disorders for conditions such as depression or anxiety, dosages ranging from 12,000 mg to 18,000 mg (12-18 grams) per day have been studied.
  • Metabolic disorders In order to improve insulin sensitivity and other metabolic parameters, the dosage of 2,000 mg to 4,000 mg daily are generally recommended.
  • Autism spectrum disorders Dosages ranging from up to 18,000 mg (18 grams) per day have been studied for autism spectrum disorders, although more research is needed to establish safety and efficacy in this population.

Please note that it is essential to respect the dosages indicated on the various dietary supplements rich in myo-inositol, and to seek advice from your therapist.

What are the side effects of myo-inositol?

The myo-inositol is generally well tolerated when taken at recommended doses. However, as with all supplements, there may be some differences. side effects in some people.

These may include side effects of myo-inositol:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (nausea, gas, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain) ;
  • dizziness and headaches (dizziness, headaches...) ;
  • Fatigue unexplained ;
  • Risk of hyponatremia (decrease in blood sodium) ;
  • Allergic reactions (risk of allergic reaction with rash, itching, swelling or breathing difficulties).

It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting to take myo-inositol, in particular if you are taking other medications or if you have pre-existing health problems (risk of drug interactions).


The myo-inositola member of the B vitamins, is proving to be a molecule with multiple benefits, particularly for those suffering from PCOSsufferers fertility problemsand certain metabolic disorders.

Studies show that it can also play a significant role in the regulation of insulin sensitivitysensitivity thyroid health and mental well-being.

However, as with any supplement, a balanced approach is crucial. Before starting a inositol supplementationsupplementation, a consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended to ensure safe use, tailored to your specific needs.

Myo-Inositol Hormonal balance
Myo-Inositol - Hormonal balance

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