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How to relieve tendonitis naturally?

The tendonitis is a common condition characterized by inflammation of a tendona fibrous structure that connects a muscle to a bone. It may be triggered by a sporting or professional activity, or by an everyday task involving the use of a muscle. repetitive movements excessively straining the tendon.

The clinical picture of tendonitis is dominated by pain sometimes very intensediscouraging any attempt at movement.

Tendonitis generally evolves spontaneously towards recovery. Its treatment is therefore based on rest and pain management with analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory drugs.

In addition to medical treatments, there are a number of 100% natural methodsfor effectively relieve the pain of tendonitis and promote tendon regeneration. We invite you to discover them in this article!

What is tendonitis?

Visit tendons are structures made up of fibres of collagen that connect muscles to bones. Some of them are surrounded by a sheath that protects them and makes them easier to move.

elbow tendonitis

When a tendon is the site of a inflammationwe speak of "tendinitis. Today, we prefer to use the term "tendinopathy to refer to tendon affections, since the latter are the most common. are not always of inflammatory origin (they can also be of degenerative or traumatic origin...).

Furthermore, when dealing with a inflammation of the tendon sheath (rather than the tendon itself), we prefer to use the term "tenosynovitis.

All the tendons in our musculoskeletal system can be the site of tenosynovitis. tendonitisbut some are more frequently affected:

  • Shoulder tendons : rotator cuff tendonitis.
  • Ankle tendons : Achilles tendonitis.
  • Knee tendons : patellar tendonitis.
  • Wrist tendons : de Quervain's tendonitis.
  • Elbow tendons : epicondylitis.

Visit tendonitis particularly affect athletes and workers manual workers (factory or construction workers, gardeners, mechanics...), because tendons are over-stressedespecially when performing repetitive movements.

Clinically, tendinitis manifests itself essentially as painsometimes very intense, during movements involving the pathological tendon(s). A swelling may also be observed in some cases in the affected joint.

In the absence of appropriate treatment, tendonitis-related pain worsens and considerably hinder daily activities.

How is tendonitis treated?

It's important to remember that our tendons, like our bones, are are constantly being remodeled. New fibers collagenand glycoproteins and proteoglycans are continually produced to replace or reinforce the old ones.

Thus micro-lesions are continuously repaired. What's more, well-conducted physical training is capable of increasing their resistance.tendons are structures that become stronger with use!

All this to say tendons are self-repairing! Consequently, tendonitis is a condition that heals spontaneously after a variable length of time.

Medical management of tendonitis aims to the pain relief while waiting for spontaneous healing. It is mainly based on :

  • The resting the tendon (without immobilizing the joint): to allow the tendon to regenerate.
  • Prescription analgesics and/or anti-inflammatory drugs: to reduce pain and ease tendon inflammation.
  • The rehabilitationRehabilitation: to preserve joint mobility (avoid stiffness), promote tendon healing and prevent recurrence.
wrist tendonitis splint

Tendonitis: how to relieve it naturally?

Treating tendonitis is largely based on medications painkillers and anti-inflammatory. However, the latter can cause side effects when taken excessively.

To reduce the amount of medication taken, it is possible to use, in consultation with your GP, the following complementary products natural solutions solutions:

Cryotherapy: cold treatment

Applying cold to the inflamed tendon helps to reduce pain (anaesthetic effect) and reduce the inflammatory reaction.

tendonitis cryotherapy natural care

To benefit from therapeutic benefits of coldSimply wrap a few ice cubes in a piece of towel or other clean linenthen apply it to the painful area for a few minutes. 15 to 20 minutes.

Repeat the operation several times a day to keep inflammation and pain at acceptable levels.

Caution: do not apply apply ice. directly and directly prolonged on the skinas you may suffer skin irritation in the best-case scenario cold burns or even necrosis in the worst case!

Aromatherapy: the good old massage with essential oils!

aromatherapy tendonitis

Massages not only help relieve pain, they also increase blood flow to tendons and joints. promote healing of tendon injuries.

In the case of tendonitis, we recommend using deep transverse massage (DTM)a technique that involves deep manipulation of painful areas, massaging the affected tendon in a transverse direction.

Massage, particularly MTP, offers the following advantages:

  • Increased local blood flow;
  • Accelerated tendon repair;
  • Orientation of collagen fibers in the right (transverse) direction;
  • Increased tendon flexibility;
  • Restoration of range of motion once healing is complete.

To benefit from an effective massage, consult a professional masseur or a physiotherapistespecially if the painful area is not accessible to self-massage (the back, for example).

tendonitis achilles tendon massage

Finally, for optimum effect, use a massage oil made from a vegetable oil (olive oil or sweet almond oil, for example) in which you've diluted a few drops of certain essential oils. essential oils virtues analgesic and/or anti-inflammatories.

Visit 5 essential oils for tendonitis:

  1. Sweet gale essential oil: its active ingredient, methyl salicylate, soothes joint and musculotendinous pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
  2. Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil: possesses powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, analgesic and muscle-relaxing properties (promotes muscle relaxation, thus resting the ailing tendon).
  3. Vetiver essential oil: reduces inflammation, soothes pain and promotes tendon repair thanks to its tonic properties (stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation).
  4. Laurel essential oil: relieves pain by inhibiting certain nerve fibers involved in transmitting pain messages to the brain.
  5. Lavender essential oil: inhibits certain brain receptors involved in pain perception. This essential oil is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.

Caution, essential oils are highly concentrated substances and must be used with great care. Many of them are contraindicated for pregnant women. women pregnant women or breastfeeding as well as in children under 6 years of age. Follow the instructions for use given on the package leaflet or in the package insert. ask a qualified professional (pharmacist, doctor, aromatherapist...) to avoid any risk.

Phytotherapy: tendon-friendly plants!

turmeric curcumin tendonitis

For relieve your tendons infusions made with one of the following herbal extracts. 5 medicinal plants medicinal plants:

  1. Turmeric : the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, thanks to its active ingredient "curcuminare well proven! Use turmeric daily, as an infusion, a spice on various dishes or as a dietary supplement, for the benefit of your tendons and all your joints!
  2. Ginger : its active ingredients gingerols and shogaolsoffer invigorating, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory very interesting in the tendon pain and and joint pain.
  3. Ash : Ash leaves and buds are very effective as an infusion for relieve joint painparticularly those caused by tendinitis.
  4. Meadowsweet : in addition to fights inflammation tendon inflammation, this plant soothes pain and promotes sleep thanks to its properties analgesic and sedatives - in fact, sleep can be disrupted by tendonitis due to the intense pain it causes (despite medication).
  5. Horsetail : This plant is very useful in cases of tendonitis, as it helps improve tendon flexibilitywhich helps to prevent recurrence (especially for athletes).

Acupuncture: traditional Chinese medicine for your tendons

acupuncture natural care tendonitis

Acupuncture is one of the branches of traditional traditional Chinese medicine which, thanks to the stimulation of specific areas of the body (implantation of fine needles at acupuncture points), offers interesting therapeutic effects in cases of tendonitis :

  • Effect analgesic by blocking transmission of painful messages to the brain.
  • Effect decongestantby reducing joint swelling and edema around the inflamed tendon.
  • Effect circulatory by increasing the local blood supply, helping to repair tendon micro-injuries.

Acupuncture sessions can therefore contribute to the management of non-pharmacological of tendonitis.

Green clay poultice: an ancestral remedy for many ailments

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and decongestant, green clay is a grandmother's remedy effective remedy in case of tendinitis.

To take advantage of its soothing virtuesapply generously of dough green clay paste (available in pharmacies and parapharmacies) over the painful area. Cover with cling film and leave on for around half an hour.

You can use this method daily (once a day) during the 5 to 7 days for significantly reduce tendon pain.

Diet: adopt an anti-inflammatory diet!

To reduce inflammation in your body and relieve tendon pain, choose the following foods known for their anti-inflammatory properties anti-inflammatory properties :

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Whole grains ;
  • Seeds: sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, pumpkin, etc.
  • Rapeseed and linseed oil, rich in omega 3;
  • Tea and coffee in reasonable quantities (2 or 3 cups a day);
  • Oily fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, tuna, etc.) rich in good omega-3 fats.
  • Oilseeds and nuts: cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.

And avoid :

  • Ultra-processed industrial foods;
  • Refined cereals ;
  • Sweets;
  • Cold cuts;
  • Red meats;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • soft drinks.

In addition to a healthy, balanced and anti-inflammatory dietit is important drink plenty of water (2 to 3 liters a day) to keep your tendons healthy. After all, tendons are 70% water! Prefer bicarbonated waters which optimize tendon regeneration by neutralizing a maximum of acids, particularly after exercise.

Harpagophytum and Curcuma: your best allies for healthy tendons and joints!

Harpagophytum Curcumin
  • Harpagophytum

Harpagophytumalso known as "devil's clawis a plant native to the steppes of Namibia and the Kalahari desert, known for its virtues in combating pain osteoarticular and musculotendinous.

Thanks to analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory properties from harpagosidethe active ingredient in harpagophytum, this plant is widely used in the treatment of tendinitistendinitis tenosynovitisand bursitis and other inflammatory pathologies of the osteoarticular sphere.

For optimum action, opt for harpagophytum in the form of dietary supplement by opting for Coxadol. A 100% natural product from an organic farm, Coxadol provides high dose of harpagoside to act effectively on painful areas.

  • Curcumin

As mentioned in the "Herbal medicine" section, the turmericthanks to its active ingredient "curcumin, is one of the most powerful plant-based anti-inflammatories! Its regular consumption, in herbal tea or spice form, helps to reduce inflammation throughout the body and to combat oxidative stress (antioxidant power).

In the case of tendonitis, it may be wise to take curcumin in the form of dietary supplement for maximum benefits.

Curcumin is also an excellent ally for slimming and cardiovascular health, as it helps the body melt fat, increases levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases bad cholesterol cholesterol (LDL).

So, in addition to helping you relieve tendon paincurcumin helps yourefine your figure and protect you from cardiovascular disease such as myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke (STROKE)!

Conclusion: key points to remember

  • Visit tendinitis is a condition common and usually benign characterized by inflammation or degeneration of a tendon.
  • Treatment of tendonitis is based on resting the tendontaking medication (analgesics and anti-inflammatories) and the physiotherapy.
  • The application of cold on the painful area is a highly effective natural solution for relieving tendonitis-related pain.
  • The deep transverse massage helps relieve pain and promotes tendon regeneration.
  • Herbs such as harpagophytumand turmeric and meadowsweet are highly effective for tendonitis thanks to their powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Visit anti-inflammatory diet rich in fruits, vegetables and sources of omega 3 helps reduce inflammation in tendons and throughout the body.
  • Food supplements based on harpagophytum and curcumin are effective in the treatment of tendonitis and many other diseases of the osteoarticular sphere.
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